Paraguay Passport | Paraguay Citizenship 2022

Paraguay Passport | Paraguay Citizenship 2022

Financial and Travel Freedom – Delivered.

Paraguay Passport | Paraguay Citizenship 2022

Paraguay Passport is an exclusive VIP service to help you obtain Residency and Naturalization in one of the world’s last hidden gems: Paraguay

  • Travel Freedom — Visa-free Travel to 143 Countries
  • Banking Freedom — satisfies KYC requirements of the World-Financial Centers & Crypto-Exchanges
  • Tax Freedom — 10% flat tax for in-country income, 0% tax for outside income
  • Safe — Personal Safety is a non-issue; walk freely throughout the Country with no concerns
  • Immediate Unrestricted South American Travel (with Residency)

Paraguay citizenship:

Getting a Second Passport in Paraguay

Our service is designed for World-Travelers and Entrepreneurs that are looking for the freedom of second citizenship. There are plenty of sites that provide a wealth of information on Paraguay and why it is one of the premier locations and most sought out destinations. We focus on providing a turn-key path to Citizenship in Paraguay. We are not a third-party reseller, membership club, or website selling the unobtainable. Our Legal Team includes Licensed Paraguian Lawyers that are experts in: Immigration Law, Real Estate Law, and Business Law. With Paraguay Passport everything is done — in person — with your exclusive Account Executive who will escort you during your visits. This includes airport pickup, hotel check-in, and concierge treatment (no waiting in line) at each government agency during your visits to Asuncion.

Our Account Executives are multilingual supporting: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese.

Paraguay Passport

Passport to Travel & Financial Freedom

Paraguay residency:

The Process: Expectations, Budget & Timeline

  • Timeline is approximately 4 years; cost is $49,500 USD which includes all fees, filings, legal expenses, and Personal Attache’ while in Paraguay. In addition, you will need to invest/purchase property and deposit $5000 USD in a local bank account which we will help you establish. Travel and lodging are at your expense. We have negotiated a special rate for our clients at the Hotel Guarani.
  • Plan on 1-2 trips to Paraguay each year; each stay is 7-10 days.
  • It is a multi-step process:
    • Residency Application approximately 6-month process and two visits to Paraguay.
    • Three years of residency with “activity visits” during this period.
    • Application for Naturalization/Filing after year 3.
    • 9-12 months review process by the Supreme Court.
    • Naturalization Award.
    • Passport Application.
  • If you have a criminal history do not apply. An extensive Interpol and FBI global background investigations will be conducted on both your professional and personal life.
  • Naturalization in Paraguay is about process and time–not money. 
  • Naturalization in Paraguay is SUBJECTIVE — your individual application must be approved by the Supreme Court of the Country.
  • Our Team of Experts will create the strongest case possible and present it to the Supreme Court.  If we take you as a Client you are all but assured* to be granted Naturalization.
  • Our fee structure is a fraction of “Economic Development Passport Nations” whose naturalization costs often exceed $500K. Anyone who says they can “expedite” the application is lying. You must be patient. The 4-year timeline is an estimate based on past customer engagements.  Your total budget should be approximately $90,000 USD which covers our legal services, filing fees, bank deposit, land purchase, and travel/accommodations for the multiple visits across the entire project.
  • Our fees are non-negotiable. We provide the finest legal representation in the Country when we present your application to the Paraguayan Supreme Court along with World-Class service along the way. Our package is truly all-inclusive with no hidden fees or surprises. Every detail is taken care of–we provide a true VIP experience that cannot be found with any other provider.
  • Payment schedule: $4500 upon Services Contract signature, $10,000 upon arrival, $10,000 upon issuance of Residency Card. $12,500 at Naturalization Filing, $12,500 due upon Naturalzation Approval.
  • We can accept Crypto Payments: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDC or USDT.
  • Confidentiality is paramount and taken seriously. Thus we require a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed. This will be provided by our Legal Department and at no cost to you. Thereafter full references on our service and people will be provided.
  • If you are from the Middle East (Arab Countries or India/Pakistan/Bangladesh) the odds are against you with a lower approval rate by the Court (based on historical applications). This has nothing to do with our process; it is purely political. However, if you wish to continue, we can try, but you must understand the risk. An alternative would be Permanent Residency only, this is obtainable.
  • We offer a free one-hour consultation (prior to the NDA) to answer any general questions you may have about us, the process, Paraguay etc. Just complete the form below to get started.

    *Due to the subjective application process we (nor anyone else) can give a 100% guarantee that you will be given Paraguayan Citizenship.  However, we have not yet taken a client that was not approved (citizens from Americas, Europe and Pacific Rim/China).  Thus we are extremely selective on whom we accept as clients.  However, we do offer the one-hour free consultation to explore your individual circumstances to see if you are a good candidate.

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