Paraguay Passport | Paraguay Citizenship 2023

Paraguay Passport | Paraguay Citizenship 2022

Financial and Travel Freedom – Delivered.

Paraguay Passport | Paraguay Citizenship 2023

Paraguay Passport is an exclusive VIP service to help you obtain Residency and Naturalization in one of the world’s last hidden gems: Paraguay

  • Travel Freedom — Visa-free Travel to 143 Countries
  • Banking Freedom — satisfies KYC requirements of the World-Financial Centers & Crypto-Exchanges
  • Tax Freedom — 10% flat tax for in-country income, 0% tax for outside income
  • Safe — Personal Safety is a non-issue; walk freely throughout the Country with no concerns
  • Immediate Unrestricted South American Travel (with Residency)
  • More Benefit Details…

Paraguay citizenship:

Getting a Second Passport in Paraguay

Our service is designed for World-Travelers and Entrepreneurs that are looking for the freedom of second citizenship. There are plenty of sites that provide a wealth of information on Paraguay and why it is one of the premier locations and most sought out destinations. We focus on providing a turn-key path to Citizenship in Paraguay. We are not a third-party reseller, membership club, or website selling the unobtainable. Our Legal Team includes Licensed Paraguian Lawyers that are experts in: Immigration Law, Real Estate Law, and Business Law. With Paraguay Passport everything is done — in person — with your exclusive Account Executive who will escort you during your visits. This includes airport pickup, hotel check-in, and concierge treatment (no waiting in line) at each government agency during your visits to Asuncion.

Our Account Executives are multilingual supporting: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese.

Paraguay Passport

Passport to Travel & Financial Freedom

Paraguay residency:

The Process: Expectations, Budget & Timeline

  • Timeline is approximately 4 years; cost is $49,500 USD which includes all fees, filings, legal expenses, and Personal Attache’ while in Paraguay. In addition, you will need to invest/purchase property and deposit $5000 USD in a local bank account which we will help you establish. Travel and lodging are at your expense. We have negotiated a special rate for our clients at the Hotel Guarani.
  • Plan on 1-2 trips to Paraguay each year; each stay is 7-10 days.
  • It is a multi-step process:
    • Residency Application approximately 6-month process and two visits to Paraguay.
    • Three years of residency with “activity visits” during this period.
    • Application for Naturalization/Filing after year 3.
    • 9-12 months review process by the Supreme Court.
    • Naturalization Award.
    • Passport Application.
  • If you have a criminal history do not apply. An extensive Interpol and FBI global background investigations will be conducted on both your professional and personal life.
  • Naturalization in Paraguay is about process and time–not money. 
  • Naturalization in Paraguay is SUBJECTIVE — your individual application must be approved by the Supreme Court of the Country.
  • Our Team of Experts will create the strongest case possible and present it to the Supreme Court.  If we take you as a Client you are all but assured* to be granted Naturalization.
  • Our fee structure is a fraction of “Economic Development Passport Nations” whose naturalization costs often exceed $500K. Anyone who says they can “expedite” the application is lying. You must be patient. The 4-year timeline is an estimate based on past customer engagements.  Your total budget should be approximately $90,000 USD which covers our legal services, filing fees, bank deposit, land purchase, and travel/accommodations for the multiple visits across the entire project.
  • Our fees are non-negotiable. We provide the finest legal representation in the Country when we present your application to the Paraguayan Supreme Court along with World-Class service along the way. Our package is truly all-inclusive with no hidden fees or surprises. Every detail is taken care of–we provide a true VIP experience that cannot be found with any other provider.
  • Payment schedule: $4500 upon Services Contract signature, $10,000 upon arrival, $10,000 upon issuance of Residency Card. $12,500 at Naturalization Filing, $12,500 due upon Naturalzation Approval.
  • We can accept Crypto Payments: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDC or USDT.
  • Confidentiality is paramount and taken seriously. Thus we require a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed. This will be provided by our Legal Department and at no cost to you. Thereafter full references on our service and people will be provided.
  • It is important to note that the requirements and eligibility criteria for obtaining Paraguayan citizenship can vary depending on individual circumstances. 

    While the process of obtaining Paraguayan citizenship is straightforward, it can be complex and time-consuming. This is where a professional company like Paraguay Passport can help. With immigration attorneys on staff and a focus on streamlining the citizenship process, Paraguay Passport can provide individuals with the support and guidance they need to successfully obtain their Paraguayan passport.

    In conclusion, the process to obtain citizenship in Paraguay involves establishing residency, naturalization, and obtaining a Paraguayan passport. With its favorable tax regime, growing economy, political stability, and strict banking laws, Paraguay offers numerous advantages for those seeking to obtain a second citizenship and expand their financial freedom. By using a professional company like Paraguay Passport, individuals can ensure that the process is managed efficiently and effectively, giving them peace of mind and a faster path to citizenship.

  • We offer a free one-hour consultation (prior to the NDA) to answer any general questions you may have about us, the process, Paraguay etc. Just complete the form below to get started.

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